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» Three Karate-kas of Fiji will visit Japan

Three Karate-kas of Fiji will depart for Japan on Saturday, 20 January 2007 under the “Cultural Cooperation Program” which is an arm of the Japan Foundation Program.

The participants are Mr. Netani Koto Tadulala, Personnel Officer with Fiji Hardwood Corporation Limited, Mr. Emosi Cagi, Chef with Sheraton Fiji Resort Nadi, and Mr. Beato Lenoa, student at the University of the South Pacific. All three participants are the training instructors of the Fiji Karate Federation.

The duration of this program is 16 days which will officially begin on January 21, 2007. The participants will be based in Tokyo and will be given instructions on Karate teaching and Karate judgment methods by the senior coaches of the Japan Karatedo Federation. They will also attend the workshop for Karate instructors in Tokyo. In addition to Karate instruction training, they will visit cultural and historical sites in Tokyo and Kyoto to experience the Japanese culture.

This program, funded by the Japan Foundation, is to enhance the recipient countries’ cultural development through cooperating in the promotion of traditional and non-traditional activities in arts, culture, sports and cooperating in preservation and handing down of cultural assets both tangible and intangible.

This is the first time for the Fiji Karate Federation to be awarded this program.