Culture and Education (Information on Japan & Japanese Culture)


The Embassy of Japan in Fiji offers information on Japan and Japanese Culture, organize cultural events, and provides Japanese Government Scholarship program.

1. Information on Japan:

Library at Embassy

(a) Booklets:

We provide more than 1,000 books for public reading in Embassy library, which are based on Japanese politics, history, culture, economy and also comic books. The Library also offers newspapers and magazines, as well as information pamphlets on Japanese Universities and studying in Japan.

(b) Press releases:

The Embassy issues press releases on economic cooperation programs(Japan’s Aid Assistance to Fiji and the region) and cultural events hosted by the Embassy. Persons who are interested in being including in the Embassy’s Press Release mailing list are requested to contact the Embassy by email:, for further assistance.

(c) Multi media Info.:

We provide a variety of DVDs and CDs based on introductory topics on Japan. The Embassy can lend these materials to educational institutions which are interested in exploring Japan and understanding the Japanese Society.

2. Cultural Events:

Japanese Cultural Activity

(a) Embassy organizes a variety of cultural events for promoting the understanding of Japan and Japanese Culture.

(b) Cultural Items: The Embassy has a variety of cultural items for demonstrating Japanese tradition and culture to wear traditional livery coats (Yukata and Happi), caligraphy, Origami (folding patterned papers), Picture books and traditional toys. The Embassy can lend these materials to educational institutions which are interested in Japanese Culture & Tradition, under certain conditions.

3. Education:

(a) Information on Japanese Government Scholarship Program for studying in Japan

(b) Information on Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program

(c) Platform to study Japanese Language

4. Enquiries:

For further enquiries on the above mentioned Embassy Services, Information on Japan and Japanese Culture, please contact the following:
Tel: (679)330-4633