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» Japan Provides Grant for Redevelopment of Fisheries Jetty

Fishing industry in the Republic of the Fiji Islands is set to develop with the redevelopment of the fisheries jetty at Lami. The redevelopment of the jetty area and facilities will be funded through a grant of 577,000,000 Japanese Yen (approx. US$4.4 million) provided by the Government of Japan under Japan’s General Grant Aid Programme to the Fiji Islands.

A ceremony will be held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade Office in Suva at 3.00 p.m. on 24th January 2005, where the Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Hon. Kaliopate Tavola and the Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Kenro Iino will sign and exchange notes formalising Japan’s assistance towards this project.

Japan’s assistance follows a request from the Government of the Republic of Fiji Islands for assistance. In response, a survey and detailed design exercise was conducted by Japan, after which the two Governments agreed on the final project. The main activity of the project is to construct fishing vessel mooring facilities at the Fisheries Lami Jetty in Lami (Numbulekaleka) Bay, as well as a workshop and administration office, ice plant, shore power supply station, water supply facility, public toilets and security guard’s hut.

The fisheries sector in Fiji accounts for 2.9% of GDP, provides employment for 5,857 workers (3,720 in the industrial fishery and 2,137 in the artisanal fishery), and generates 19,029 tons of production (13,226 tons in the industrial fishery and 5,803 tons in the artisanal fishery). In addition, subsistence fisheries account for production of 18,600 tons. Exports of fisheries products, which consist of F$104,200,000 from offshore fisheries and F$19,640,000 from coastal fisheries, make this the third highest foreign currency earning sector for Fiji behind sugar and garments. Moreover, artisanal fisheries catches intended for the domestic market amount to $27,906,446 thereby making this an important industry in terms of both employment and stable food supply to the domestic market.

The project is expected to be completed by 2006. This project intends to contribute to the national objectives of securing foreign currency and creating employment opportunities through offshore fisheries development, as well as realizing stable supply of fisheries products to the domestic market and the stabilization and improvement of fishermen’s incomes through the management and development of sustainable fisheries in coastal waters. In addition, this project will assist the fisheries management, research and extension system of the Fisheries Department.