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» Japan Provides Funds to School Projects and Rabi Island Council

Embargo: Friday 12th September 2006, 10:00 a.m.

The Government of Japan will provide funding of US$151,315.00 (approx. F$255,390.50) to Votualevu College, Rabi Island Council and Rotuma Island Council through its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) Programme.

The Ambassador of Japan, H.E. Mr. Masashi Namekawa, and the representatives of the each recipient organisation will sign grant contracts to formalise Japan’s funding at 10.00 a.m. on 12th September 2006 at the Embassy of Japan, Level 2 Dominion House, Thomson Street, Suva. Details of each project are as follows:

1.) Votualevu College
A sum of US$87,690.00 (approx. F$148,000.00) will be provided for the construction of a two story four classroom block and provision of school furniture to assist the school in solving the problem of classroom shortages due to growing demand from scholars of nearby areas. This project will assist the school to cater for parallel classes and ensure equal opportunities to all children enrolled in the College for better education. It is anticipated that approximately 634 underprivileged children of Votualevu and surrounding areas will benefit from this project upon its completion.

2.) Rabi Island Council
The Government of Japan will provide a new garbage truck, worth US$31,015.00 (approx.F$52,347.50), under its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) Programme to the Rabi Island Council.

The Rabi Island Council will use the new garbage truck for the sanitary and safe cartage of household refuse from town area to the dumping site. It is estimated that this project will assist approximately 1,500 people on the island and would encourage community participation in promoting clean and healthy environment.

3.) Rotuma Island Council
The Government of Japan under the GGP scheme provided a grant of US$32,612.00 (approx. F$55,043.00) to the Rotuma Island Council for the provision of a new water tank and new school furniture. Schools in the Island had faced problem of obsolete furniture because of its geographical isolation. Also the provision of a new water tank will assist a school to ensure better education to around 600 students from the different villages on the Island.

Japan’s assistance to these projects indicates its commitment to contribute to the improvement of the living standards and welfare of people in Fiji Islands and is in line with its Official Development Assistance (ODA) policy of promoting development at the grassroots level. The GGP programme is specifically designed to address basic human needs, which include water supply, health, basic education, vocational training, sanitary environment and rural infrastructure. It is hoped that this assistance will help further strengthen the friendly ties currently enjoyed by the governments and the peoples of Fiji Islands and Japan.