Press Releases

» Japan Promotes Environment Conservation Activities in Nadroga/Navosa

Several communities in the province of Nadroga and Navosa will have the opportunity to participate in environment conservation and awareness activities conducted by a Japanese NGO, the Organisation for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement (OISCA), which is based in Sigatoka.

The programme will be funded by the Government of Japan with a grant of US$30,781. A Grant Contract for the programme will be signed at the Embassy of Japan in Suva at 2:30pm on Wednesday 10 March 2004. The project will involve the planting of trees, and educational activities focusing on the importance of keeping the environment free of litter, proper litter disposal methods, the value of composting, the importance of the forest, increasing awareness on the environmental problems caused by human activities and the need to develop human resources in the area of environment conservation.

OISCA plans to reach out to the public in Nadroga and Navosa by working with schools in the province. The current list of schools to participate in this programme include the Yalavou Public School, Ramatullah Khan Memorial School, Rukuruku District School, Yalava Indian School and Bemana Secondary School.

Japan’s assistance to OISCA is in keeping with its ODA principle of helping promote environment friendly activities and increasing awareness of the importance of environment conservation, especially amongst youths.