Press Releases

» Japan's ODA (Official Development Assistance) to Kiribati

On 9 July at 3.30 pm the official signing of the Exchange of Notes between Japan and Kiribati will take place in Tarawa. The Government of Japan will be represented by the Japanese Ambassador, HE Kenro Iino and the Government of Kiribati will be represented by the Honourable Taam Biribo.

Japan under its official development assistance (ODA) has made it possible for Kiribati to upgrade its power station in Tarawa. The project for the ‘Upgrading of the Electric Power Supply in Tarawa Atoll (Phase 2)’ will cost approximately ( ¥796 000 000 ) which is equivalent to US$1 350 000 and will take one year to reach full completion . Phase 1 was also funded by Japan in 2001 at an approximate cost of US$10.1 million.

An enhanced power system can have benefits reaching right to the citzens of Kiribati in terms of convenience, cost and reliability. A progress towards development and economic sustainability is the ultimate objective of the Japanese ODA and this project is a testimony to the ongoing support and cooperation Japan has provided to the Republic of Kiribati.

Japan has to date contributed approximately (¥113 00 000 000 ) which is equivalent to US$104 300 000 to the development of the Republic of Kiribati.