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» Japan Helps Kolovai Government Primary School

The Government of Japan has funded the successful upgrading of the Kolovai Government Primary School, in Tongatapu, the biggest island in the Kingdom of Tonga. The funding, in the form of donation, has been provided under Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) programme. On the 1st of September 2004, the Ambassador of Japan, H. E. Kenro Iino will officially open the upgrading of the Kolovai Government Primary School.

The actual upgrading consists of the construction of two new classrooms, one new staff quarter and eight convenience sets at an approximate cost of TOP$ 131 993 (US$ 65 869). The Government of Japan recognizes the importance of quality education for the younger generation as they are the workforce and leaders of the future. The GGP is a vital component of the overall ODA (Official Development Assistance) programme which seeks to contribute towards the National Development Objectives of Japan’s Pacific neighbours

A total of 200 students are expected to directly benefit from the upgrading project of the Kolovai Government Primary School and the Government of Japan hopes that the upgrading project endows the students with a renewed sense of pride and enthusiasm for learning.

Japan has continuously assisted its Pacific neighbour, the Kingdom of Tonga and the upgrading project of Kolovai Government Primary School is an added milestone in Japan’s ongoing support and cooperation towards the Kingdom of Tonga.