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» Japan Funds for 14 Projects

The Government of Japan will provide grant aid funds totalling US$ 713,828 (approx. T$ 1,277,000) for 14 projects in the Kingdom of Tonga. The grants will be made available under Japan's Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP) programme.

Grant Contracts formalizing Japan's assistance will be signed by representatives of the respective projects, and Mr.Yoshinori Yakabe, First Secretary, Embassy of Japan to Fiji, at 10:00am on Wednesday 26th January 2005 at the Central Planning Department in Nuku'alofa, kingdom of Tonga.

Details on the individual projects are:

  1. Fatai Government Primary School -US$46,003 (approx. T$82,400)
  2. Popua Government Primary School -US$73,472 (approx. T$131,600)
  3. Malapo Government Primary School -US$11,668 (approx. T$20,900)
  4. Redcross Hearing Impaired School -US$27,336 (approx. T$48,900)
  5. Falemea Village Water Supply -US$18,730 (approx. T$33,400)
  6. Faleloa Village Water Supply -US$36,619 (approx. T$65,400)
  7. Ha'ano Government Primary School -US$44,161 (approx. T$79,100)
  8. Fakakaki Government Primary School-US$73,863 (approx. T$132,300)
  9. Niu'ui Hospital Medical Equipment - US$58,576 (approx. T$104, 900)
  10. Taoa Village Water Supply -US$68,208 (approx. T$121,900)
  11. 'Utulau Village Water Supply -US$67,610 (approx. T$120,800)
  12. Hoi Village Water Supply -US$64,789 (approx. T$115,700)
  13. Puke Village Water Supply -US$37,168 (approx. T$66,400)
  14. Tupou High School Vaololoa -US$85,625 (approx. T$153,300)

Japan's GGP programme priority areas of funding include education, public welfare, basic health care, and environment conservation.