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Japan Provides Funding Assistance for the Project for procurement of Solar Water Purifier for local Communities and Project for construction of Anibare Fish Market to the Government and People of Nauru

Press Release No: 06/2013

Date: 11th March, 2013


The Government of Japan provides assistance worth USD $200,331(approximately AUD $ 185,010) for two projects in Nauru through its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) Programme.

The Second Secretary of Embassy of Japan to the Republic of Fiji, Ms. Kanako Hiraoka will witness the signing of grant contracts with Mr Russ Kun, Secretary for the Department of Commerce, Industry and Environment and Mr Charleston Deiye, CEO for Nauru fisheries and Marine Resources authority to formalise Japan’s funding assistance to these essential projects.

The signing ceremony will be hosted by Nauru on 12th March, 2013.

Details of the Project are as follows:

  1. The Project for Procurement of Solar Water Purifier for Local Communities

    The Government of Japan will support the installation of solar water purifiers in a total of 35 locations in Nauru, targeting local communities and schools, in order to provide safe and clean drinking water.
    The Japanese Government has been assisting the water supply sector in Nauru during the past showing its firm commitment to better serve the people and community of Nauru.
    The Solar water purifiers are a new system of delivering clean drinking water being introduced to Nauru. This system is expected to promote easier access to clean drinking water by the use of solar power.  

  1. The Project for Construction of Anibare Fish Market

    The Government of Japan continues to uphold its commitment in providing basic essential facilities for the grass root people in Nauru by constructing the Anibare Fish Market.
    The construction of the Anibare fish market at the Anibare community boat harbour site will help promote the sale of seafood by local fishermen. The new fish market will contribute to provide fresh and hygienic seafood to the people of Nauru.

The Government of Japan believes that by providing assistance directly to recipients in Nauru not only ensures effective use of the grant, but also achieves Japan’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) policy objective of promoting development at the grassroots level. Japan acknowledges rural infrastructure, sanitation and water supply as the key to socio-economic development and hopes to contribute in the improvement of the daily lives of the people of Nauru through its Grant Assistance for Human Security Projects Programme (GGP). The Embassy is hopeful and confident that such cooperation will serve to strengthen the friendly ties enjoyed by the people and governments of Japan and Nauru.