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(1) Guideline
(2) Field of Study
(3) Application
(4) Recommendation

Fields of Study: Technology, Personal Care & Nutrition, Education and Welfare, Business, Fashion and Home Economics, Culture and general Education and Other fields.

1.     Applicants must have been born between April 2, 1992 and April 1, 1997.
2.     Applicants must have passed Fiji School Leaving Certificate with good results.
3.     Applicants must be willing to study Japanese language and receive education in Japanese language.

Term of Scholarship:
The award is tenable for three years from April 2014 including one year preparatory education in the Japanese language. 

N.B.:  If a scholarship grantee graduates from a specialized training college and is admitted to a Japanese university as a junior transferee, he/she may have the term of his/her scholarship extended upon successful examination results given by MEXT, provided that he/she has outstanding academic achievement that meets certain criteria.