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(1)    Travel Expenses to Japan
Participants must arrive in Japan on the designated date (for information about departure dates, See Note 8) and flight.
The cost of transportation to the designated airports in the participants’ home countries will be the responsibility of the participants.
Participants’ contracting organisations will provide airline tickets from the airport designated in their home countries to Narita International Airport. In the case that a participant withdraws his/her intent to participate in the programme or is found ineligible after receipt of placement, he/she may be responsible for payment of the cancellation fee.
Transportation cost from Narita International Airport to the orientation site will be borne by the contracting organisations.
Those residing in Japan prior to participation in the JET Programme are permitted to participate from within Japan. (This is limited to participants whose status of residence can be changed from within Japan.) For those participants, transportation costs from the designated airport or railway station to the orientation site will be borne by their contracting organisations. However, expenses incurred from the participant’s home to the designated airport or train station will be borne by the participants. Please note that all participants living within 100 kilometres of Tokyo will be responsible for all transportation costs to the orientation site.
With regard to the transfer from the orientation site to the contracting organisations, participants must travel in a group with other participants who will be working in the same prefecture or designated city. Travelling separately is not allowed. These costs will also be borne by the contracting organisation.

(2)     Travel Expenses Home
All participants not seeking further assignment with their contracting organisations or a third party in Japan after the conclusion of their one-year appointment will have their one-way return air ticket paid for if they depart from Japan and arrive at the airport designated in their home country within one month of completing their appointment.
Participants residing in Japan prior to the start of the Programme may also be eligible for their one-way return ticket for a designated international airport in their home country by meeting the conditions above.

(3)    Return of Travel Expenses
JET Participants who violate terms and conditions by, for example, failing to complete the full duration of their appointment without due reason, or become disqualified through committing inappropriate acts after arriving in Japan, will bear the full cost of travelling home. In addition, these participants will be asked to pay back their contracting organisations for the cost of travel to Japan and other expenses incurred, and may be subject to other appropriate actions or redresses.

(4)    Dependent’s visa
Only a legal spouse is eligible for a dependent’s visa. A fiancé(e) or a person of equivalent status is not eligible.



Participants will be provided with adequate housing information from their contracting organisations. The participant, not the contracting organisation, will be responsible for the housing contract and, as such, will subsequently be responsible for all housing costs incurred. Although the contracting organisation may handle the housing arrangements on behalf of the participant, all costs incurred must be borne by the participant.
In Japan, prior to moving in, several fees are incurred in addition to rent. These include shikikin (deposit), reikin (key money), real estate agency commission, and an advance payment of the first month’s rent. All of these costs must be paid shortly arrival in Japan. The total amount is typically the equivalent of two to six months’ rent. Costs for maintenance and repair will be as specified in the housing contract.



(1)     Pre-departure Orientation
Prior to departure for Japan, successful candidates will receive written materials on the JET Programme along with Japanese language textbooks. Pre-departure orientations will take place at embassies and consulates of Japan prior to departure for Japan. All successful applicants must, as a general rule, participate in these orientations.
Please note that there will be no pre-departure orientation for those participating from within Japan.

(2)     Post-arrival Orientation
Comprehensive orientations, which include workshops on topics such as lifestyle in Japan and work duties, are organised by CLAIR, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the contracting organisations. Participation in the post-arrival orientation is mandatory for all new participants.
(3)     Training
After arriving in Japan, JET Programme participants can enroll in the Japanese Language Courses offered by CLAIR.

Participants are also required to participate in mandatory training sessions instructed by CLAIR or other organisations (such as mid-year conferences, etc.).