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Japan Assists Stephen Whitmee High School in Abaiang, Kiribati

Press Release No: 08/2012

Date: 28th February, 2012

The Government of Japan provides funds totalling US$97,087 (approx. AU$94,583) for a new Dinning Hall at Stephen Whitmee High School in Abaiang, Kiribati. The funding was made available through Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) programme.

Representing the Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Kiribati on the handing over ceremony of Japan’s assistance will be the Second Secretary Mr. Hideaki Kuroki. The ceremony will be attended by senior Government Officials from the Government of Republic of Kiribati at 12.30pm on 1st March, 2012

Stephen Whitmee High School received funds to construct a Dining Hall. The present dining hall is a historical building which was built in the early 1900’s when the school was established by the London Missionary Society. The building has also deteriorated over the years due its heavy usage and covered with asbestos which is hazardous to the students’ health.  The new large dining hall will enable 500 students to enjoy a decent environment while having their meals together.

Japan’s assistance through this project indicates its commitment to contribute to the improvement of the living standards and welfare of the people of Kiribati. It is also in line with its Official Development Assistance (ODA) policy of promoting development at the grassroots level. The GGP programme is specifically designed to address basic human needs, which include health, basic education, water supply, vocational training, sanitary environment and rural infrastructure.

It is hoped that this assistance will help further strengthen the friendly ties between the Governments and the people of Japan and Kiribati.