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Speech by H. E. Mr. Yutaka Yoshizawa, Ambassador of Japan to Tuvalu on the Occasion of the Handing-over of Upgraded Radio Broadcasting Network to the Government of Tuvalu

at 8.00 a.m. on 2nd November, 2011, Funafuti, Tuvalu


Ladies and Gentlemen.

It gives me pleasure to represent the Government of Japan in the official handing over ceremony of the project for improvement of medium wave radio broadcasting network and disaster prevention in Tuvalu funded through Japan’s General Grant Aid in 2010.

A good broadcasting service does not only keep the general public well informed, but also becomes useful during emergencies. Inadequate and outdated facility attributing to frequent break down in broadcasting services isolate people living in distant atoll islands from important news, warnings and vital information. Therefore, given its importance, the Government of Japan, in line with Tuvalu’s National Development Strategy, decided to provide aid primarily for a wholesale renewal of broadcasting equipment with latest digital equipment to provide low maintenance, enhanced and reliable radio broadcasting services for people on distant atoll islands. In addition, as I understand the Japanese contractor had also dispatched engineers to run basic operational and maintenance workshop to assist the locals with knowledge of handling this latest equipment.

Furthermore, the Government of Japan has pledged an emergency relieve fund against the drought in Tuvalu and has approved a grant for emergency relieve goods which include spare parts for the desalination plants and two desalination machines under the  PEC fund. This Aid is a manifestation of Japan’s goodwill and friendship to the Government and people of Tuvalu.

Honourable Prime Minister, with these few words I declare the new radio station building and transmitter house equipped with modern technology open to the people and your Government. It is my hope that this Grant Aid will provide uninterrupted medium wave radio broadcasting service to the entire population of Tuvalu.

Thank you.