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» Japan's Annual Contribution to the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat


Ref No.: 51

Date: Tueseday 15th December, 2009


Today, on 15th December, the Government of Japan aligns its commitment to the strategic principles and objectives of the Pacific Plan and PALM 5 by providing funding assistance which is conducive to ensuring economic growth, sustainable development, good governance and security in the Pacific region. Japan’s annual contribution of US$200,000 to the Pacific Island Forum Secretariat is to the three projects namely,

The Marketing Support Fund is an on-going project which assists business enterprises in the Forum Island countries (FIC) by providing small grants to help improve their skills and understanding of the market requirements for exporters and importers.

The funding for PIPSO project will support to develop its own institutional capacity as well as that of its member National Private Sector Organisations (NPSOs). This will strengthen partnerships between NPSOs and FIC Governments’ Business Development Agencies (BDAs) and /or Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) which shall contribute to the region’s business environment.

The Strengthening Legal Governance Project Fund will assist in addressing the national and regional challenges of Forum Island Countries in maintaining a well-resourced legal institutions and mechanisms providing legislative services and as well as in the area of judiciaries, courts and tribunals ensuring good governance and the rule of law.

Japan values the friendship ties with the Pacific Island countries and will be committed in enhancing partnership with the Pacific region with its continued support and assistance.