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Ref No: 46
Date: 18th November 2009:

Address by Japan’s Prime Minister in Singapore, on Japan’s New Commitment to Asia–Towards the Realization of an East Asian Community:
On 15th November 2009, immediately after the conclusion of the APEC Leaders’ Summit in the Republic of Singapore, the Prime Minister of Japan, H.E. Dr. Yukio Hatoyama, delivered an address on Japan’s New Commitment to Asia – Towards the Realization of an East Asian Community, outlining the newly seated Japanese administration’s policy towards Asia-Pacific, focusing on the importance of Asia-Pacific to Japan and vice-versa.

In the said address, H.E. Dr. Hatoyama’s positively remarked on the new administration’s vision, the betterment of Japan’s relationship with the rest of the world and jointly working towards peace and prosperity. H.E. Dr. Hatoyama primarily focused his delivery on the following issues, as mentioned below:

1).          Mutual importance amongst Asia and Japan.
2).          Asian Diplomacy and Examples from Europe.
3).          Cooperation for Prosperity
4).          Cooperation for a Green Asia.
5).          Cooperation to Protect Human Lives and Japan’s Participation in the ‘Pacific
Partnership’ initiative
6).          Cooperation in Building a ‘Sea of Fraternity’

H.E. Dr. Hatoyama began concluding his address by affirming that people are ‘the most important key to promote an East Asian community initiative’. He added that Singapore was a shining example of how openness to the world could lead to a dynamic and prosperous society and made him realize the infinite possibilities for APEC’s ‘open regionalism’. As Japan will be the host for APEC 2010, H.E. Dr Hatoyama set the tone by announcing that the Government and the people of Japan eagerly await to host the Summit and he was looking forward to warmly welc oming the participants to Japan.


The Prime Minister of Japan, H.E. Dr. Yukio Hatoyama’s address in Singapore, on Japan’s New Commitment to Asia–Towards the Realization of an East Asian Community.


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