What's New


April 2014

Comparison of the Air Dose Rate Data between Cities in Japan and the World's Major Cities and Information on the Final Report on the IAEA Review Mission


March 2014

Video: “Sea of Japan” – A globally established name

Japan-China Relations: Current Situations of Senkaku Islands

The Issue of Takeshima

Farewell Ceremony for Recipients of the Japanese Government Scholarship (Researcher)


February 2014

Japanese Government Scholarships for Japanese Studies and Teacher Training in 2014

Japanese Dolls Exhibition (from 7 February to 8 March 2014)


January 2014

Japan Film Festival (15-17 January 2014)

Global Leader Development Program (Farewell Reception for Fiji Delegation)


December 2013

Reception on His Majesty’s Birthday

Japan Introduction Programme


October 2013

The Program for Human Resource Development in Asia for Peacebuilding

Japan will host the PALM Second Ministerial Interim Meeting (MIM2)

School Workshops and Public Performance by “Wadaiko Rindo” on 18-19 October 2013

Launching Ceremony of the Kizuna (bond) Project Publication and the Japan-Pacific Alumni Association (JPAA)

Public Performance by “Wadaiko Rindo” in Suva (Traditional Japanese Drum Performance)


September 2013

Visit to Fiji by H.E. Mr. Ishihara, Minister of the Environment

Farewell Ceremony for Recipients of the Japanese Government Scholarship (Teacher Training) and the Japanese-Language Programs for Foreign-Service Officers and Public Officials

Change of Closing Date for the Embassy of Japan (from Monday, 16 September, to Monday, 23 September)


August 2013

Origami (Traditional Japanese Art of Paper Folding) Class at Suva City Library


July 2013

Temporary Closure of the Japanese Embassy’s Library in the Morning of Monday, 29 July 2013


June 2013

Prime Minister Abe’s article in The Wall Street Journal: “Japan’s Commitment to Africa’s Development”


February 2013

JAPANESE CULTURE AND CRAFT WORKSHOP : 23 February at Suva Civic Center. Kids, Parents, Family welcomed!

JAPAN CINEMA WEEK 2013 : 20 to 22 February at Village 6 Cinemas


January 2013


Japanese Government Scholarship (Teacher Training) 2013 Intake :Application Now Open (Closure date 8 March 2013)


Japanese Karate Instructors Make an Impact/Seminars open to public on 2 February in Suva & 9 February in Lautoka


Beware of dubious information on scholarships


Farewell address for the participating youths to the 25th Ship for World Youth

Karate Senseis Yamada Shigeki Sensei and Kengo Yamada Sensei from Japan now with Karatefiji! Welcome address by Ambassador at the first training session with Karatefiji

Yamada Senseis, Goju-ryu Karate senseis, will be in Fiji

2013 Holidays and Closure days



December 2012


Emergency Assistance to the Republic of Fiji in Response to the Cyclone Damage


November 2012


Vacancy- Consular Clerk (Closing Date 16 November 2012)


October 2012


Japan Cinema Week 2012 - Nippon no Chikara (Power of Japan)



September 2012


Embassy invites Japanese Drumming and Shamisen Team to Fiji - Performance on 4 October 2012

Departure of Japanese Government Scholarship Programme for 2012 participant

Hiroshima Peace Centre is now accepting applications from interested candidates in 26 Asian Countries including Fiji. Interested candidates can apply directly to HPC.

Japan-U.S. Aid Coordination in the Pacific Island Countries


August 2012


Visit to Fiji and the Cook Islands (attendance of the Post-Forum Dialogue Partners' Meeting of the Pacific Islands Forum) by Mr. Joe Nakano, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs

Visit by Professor Akira Suzuki, Emeritus Professor of Hokkaido Univeristy, 2010 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry

Opening address by Ambassador Oshima at the USP 2012 OPEN DAY

Open Lecture and Workshop on "Future of Solar Technology as Clean Energy" at USP




April 2012


Rolling Plan for the Republic of Fiji

Country Assistance Policy for the Republic of Kiribati

Country Assistance Policy for the Republic of Vanuatu

Japanese Government Scholarship 2013 Intake NOW OPEN / CLOSE on 20 June 2012

A FNU Student to share her programme to Japan, and Departure of Japanese Government Scholarship Programme for 2012 participants


March 2012


Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program: Candidates from Fiji for 2012- Application NOW OPEN/CLOSE 23 March extended til 29 March!!


February 2012


Japanese Government Scholarship (Teacher Training) 2012 Intake NOW OPEN / CLOSE on 2 March


January 2012


Embassy Closure dates of 2012